Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cargo Crime Increases Over Holiday Periods

From our Friends at Roanoke Trade:     Theresa  Garcia

Last year, FreightWatch reported that cargo crime increases by 28% over holiday periods and that Thanksgiving weekend recorded the most cargo theft activity of all holiday periods in the United States (click here to register to view the report).

Shippers, manufacturers and transportation companies must remain aware of the increased security risks during the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. Long holidays provide provide criminals with excellent opportunities to target, steal and transport goods to their storage locations before the product is even discovered missing.

Additionally, holidays can cause long delays for drivers attempting to deliver loads. These delays will increase the risk to drivers and loads in-transit by leaving them vulnerable for longer periods of time.

Holiday weekends are notorious for high volumes of cargo theft activity, especially at terminals and drop yards where loaded trailers are parked for long periods of time. This amplifies the need for logistics professionals to ensure their security protocols are up to date and in line with industry best practices. 

For warehousing operations, ensure your security alarm systems are functioning properly. FreightWatch also recommends the following:

  • Treat all alarm trouble signals as an intrusion alarm
  • Do not rely on a backup (cellular/radio) system
  • If primary alarm fails assign security officer to patrol facility exterior or have a member of management remain at the facility
For in-transit operations, FreightWatch recommends drivers remain vigilant and maintain communication with their dispatch when stopped at high risk areas such as truck stops and rest areas. Loads should not be dropped or left unattended for any reason.

For More Information About This Topic  Contact FreightWatch.


As a side note to this posting  Dixie Cullen has always taken the extra steps during the Holiday's to ensure that your material and equipment, that is in storage at our facility, is not an easy target.  Monitored Security by off site firm,  people maintained on site and dogs.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

U. S. Trade Deficit Narrows; Exports Hit Record

From Transport Topics 11/10/11

The U.S. trade narrowed by 4% in September as exports climbed to a record high, the Commerce Department said Thursday.
The gap between imports and exports declined to $43.1 billion, the lowest level this year, from a revised $44.9 billion in August that was smaller than originally estimated, Commerce figures showed.

Economists had forecast the deficit to widen to $46 billion, Bloomberg reported.

Exports increased 1.4% to a record $180.4 billion, boosted by sales of industrial supplies, capital equipment, automobiles and consumer goods, Bloomberg said.

Imports rose 0.3% to $223.5 billion. Demand rose for automobiles, food and industrial supplies, but crude oil imports declined, Bloomberg said.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Do you know about the Houston Ship Channel Security District?

Being involved with International Business and handling material that comes in and out of the port at our warehouse facility,  we are familiar with the Houston Ship Channel Security District.

However I've not had any direct dealings with them,  but earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend the Houston Ship Channel Security District  update luncheon,  was  found it extremely informative,  and left the meeting feeling reassured that Houston is in good hands.

I also left the meeting with some facts that surprised me,  and thought I would share some of them here.

  • Houston is the busiest port in the Nation!
  • Harris County Sheriff's Office is responsible for much of the port security both on land and water, and is the 3rd largest police force in the country.
  • If the Houston Port System had to be shut down for a day because of an "EVENT",  it could cost the local economy 300 Million  dollars a day.
  • A common quote that I've heard over the past couple of years was restressed  "so goes the port of Houston, so goes the National Economy"

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Turning Basing Terminal Truck Office

Faxed Delivery Orders will soon be History at Port of Houston Turning Basin Terminal Truck office.

The Port of Houston Magazine reported in their September/October issue that After December 31, 2011 faxed or e-mailed dock receipts or delivery orders will no longer be accepted at the North Side Turning Basin Terminal Truck Office.   This change will affect drivers delivering or picking up cargo from the public wharves on the lower level.

The Policy Change will enable the Port Authority to better serve all of its customers because it will expedite the processing of trucks through the Truck office,  eliminate unnecessary delays and reduce the possibility of errors.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Port of Houston Turning Basin upgrades under way to meet today's TRADE!

"In the beginning the Ship Channel was built on the backbone of cotton" says the port's managing director of general cargo facilities.

These days, steel is king, with more than 3.1 million tons moving through the port in the first nine months of this year,  up from 1.9 million tons over the same period last year.

from Houston Chronicle Article  10/29/11  Jenalia Moreno

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Opening the Panama Canal to TEXAS

"As Jeff Moseley sees it,  the widening of the Panama Canal is a "Game Changer" for Texas Business and the Lone Star State's Economy.

In a recent article in NBIZ Magazine  Jeff Moseley President and Chief executive officer of the Greater Houston Partnership,  states  "It literally will allow Houston to serve the mid-continental United States ~ approximately 100 Million Americans.

The article goes on to share "As the waterway approaches capacity,  the expanded canal will improve the flow of international commerce.  The anticipated increase in containerized cargo going to Houston alone could grow by 15 percent in the next few years,  with a projected 150 percent increase to a total of 4.5 million TEUs by 2030.

We at Dixie Cullen are excited about the future,  and are poised to assist our customers with their storage and transloading needs.