Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Machines headed to India!

Used Machine's bound for India

Dixie Cullen offers our clients export packing and containerizing services, specializing in used machinery and equipment.

Using Certified Heat Treated Wood, we will containerize equipment that our customers purchase.

This equipment will be loaded into the containers, spreading out the weight as necessary, blocking and securing into place so that the containerized equipment does not move or break loose during handling. We do not "just stuff" containers. Bracing is used as necessary to secure high pieces, anchoring as needed to secure movement, and covering in plactic to help protect against the elements in the open top containers.

The entire process is documented in photos, and copies of all photos are emailed to you, your broker and any other parties that you request. Contact us TODAY sales@dixiecullen.com for your personalized quotation

Additional Floor Space Added

30,000 square foot addition added to our warehouse facility

The addition of approximately 30,000 square feet to our warehouse facility permits us to easily handle the expanded services, in addition to our regular services that we offer to our clients.

We have room available for your immediate storage needs, be they intransit, short term or long term requirements.

Please contact us TODAY for your personalized quotation.

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