Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Cold Snap Freezes out Cargo

From one of our clients  A. N. Derringer

Cold Snap Freezes Out Cargo

Severe cold and winter conditions impeded cargo progress last week, and the US and Canada are again cleaning up cargo delays due to blistery weather. Areas across both countries experienced severe cold and blowing snow that caused road closures, train delays, and port slowdowns at multiple points. Railways appear to be heavily impacted with delays reported for cargo bound on CN and Union Pacific. The consecutive cold weather and icy conditions have hampered cargo transportation in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and northern Ontario, with heavy backlogs in Chicago and Vancouver. US ports from Virginia to Texas also experienced delays. Extended gate hours over the weekend helped to clean up some backlog, and ports and railways are expected to return to normal shortly; however, more snow storms are anticipated this week.

The Northeast and Midwest are again gearing up for some major snow storms that are expected to produce between 5 and 24 inches over the next several days. These snow storms are likely to cause delays again. In the New York and New Jersey area, terminals closed early yesterday because of bad weather, which pushes out pick-ups at the terminal until Wednesday morning. In some cases, customers may incur additional charges for storage, demurrage, per diem, and pre-pulls as a result of delays.