Thursday, June 30, 2011

Global Economic Cooperation and Recovery

Dixie Cullen 

hosts a visit and facility tour from the
U. S. Department of State
International Visitor - Leadership Program

A Multi Regional Project
Global Economic
Cooperation and Recovery

The U. S. Department of State, International Visitor - Leadership Program, targeted Dixie Cullen Interest for a facility tour of their operation here in South East Houston. This program brought representatives in to discuss how old industrial facilities can be revitalized and put into operation employing more people.

This group is made up of representatives from 7 different countries and is part of a Multi Regional Project for Global Economic Cooperation and Recovery.

Countries included Israel, Brazil, Srilanka, Tunisia, Nigeria, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

It was a wonderful opportunity to showcase  Dixie Cullen Interests and the services we offer the international community.