Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's Not just the Stuffing . . . .

Stuffing containers is a common term in our industry.    One that I always thought was misleading  as if you just "STUFF" material and equipment into a container,  how do you know it's going to arrive in the same condition that you loaded it in.

We don't just "STUFF"  we take the time to consider many things when "STUFFING"  containers,  a few of our key points are.  

  • What is the final destination,  and how will they be unloading at the final delivery location?
  • Movement of the ship on the water,  will the loaded material stay in place during not only the handling,  but  in the standard sway of a ship, or a storm.  How to keep the material from moving  back and forth or from side to side?
  • Weight distribution within the container itself 
  • Rub points are another concern that we have,  and we use softeners between the equipment and  banding/Lashing
  • Are the ISPM 15 markings easily seen?
There are many more aspects that we take into consideration  when "LOADING" a container, to ensure that the material is received in the same condition that it was loaded in.