Monday, December 20, 2010

Obtaining Carrier Safety reports

Now that  CSA is "official" and in full implementation,  you maybe asking yourself how to check on your carriers for their safety ratings.

Go to  and enter the motor carrier's MC# or US DOT#. This will take you into the SMS results for the particular motor carrier and you can click on the individual BASIC to see what individual data created the score.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Animals need help too!

Yes,  animals need our help too!

If you have been to our facility you know that we have several "dogs" onsite,  who think they're just part of the Dixie Cullen TEAM, and they are.  Which is why when we received the "call for help" from the Rescue Bank came we were up for the task.

Our warehouse facility received truckloads of dog and cat food that were donated, that needed to be received and distributed to numerous organizations who foster, adopt and rescue pets.   We helped to load out the much needed food to the various organizations that the Rescue Bank supports.