Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Machines headed to India!

Used Machine's bound for India

Dixie Cullen offers our clients export packing and containerizing services, specializing in used machinery and equipment.

Using Certified Heat Treated Wood, we will containerize equipment that our customers purchase.

This equipment will be loaded into the containers, spreading out the weight as necessary, blocking and securing into place so that the containerized equipment does not move or break loose during handling. We do not "just stuff" containers. Bracing is used as necessary to secure high pieces, anchoring as needed to secure movement, and covering in plactic to help protect against the elements in the open top containers.

The entire process is documented in photos, and copies of all photos are emailed to you, your broker and any other parties that you request. Contact us TODAY sales@dixiecullen.com for your personalized quotation

Additional Floor Space Added

30,000 square foot addition added to our warehouse facility

The addition of approximately 30,000 square feet to our warehouse facility permits us to easily handle the expanded services, in addition to our regular services that we offer to our clients.

We have room available for your immediate storage needs, be they intransit, short term or long term requirements.

Please contact us TODAY for your personalized quotation.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Steel Handling Services Expanded

Value Added Services NOW available
for our Steel Storage Customers

Over the years we have had the opportunity to handle the steel storage and distribution for several of our customers. In recent months we have seen an increase in the number of customers using our warehouse facility to distribute to their customers. We routinely receive material that has been discharged from the ship large quanities that we unload at our warehouse facility, inspect, inventory, place into storage and release upon customers authorization.

Along with the increase in business we also noted that material sometimes comes in damaged, rusty or with torn wrappings. To help our customers facilitate their quality control for material shipped to their end customers we have started offering "cleaning" services. When our customer directs, we can remove torn plastic, fix broken bands, rebundle, clean and oil.
Contact us today with your specific needs sales@dixiecullen.com or by calling 713-747-1101

Dixie Cullen In the News:

Industry Names Top 15 Women in Gulf Transportation . .

Gulf Shipper, a publication of the Journal of Commerce recently wrote about Women excelling in the Gulf Transportation Industry and named the Top 15 Women, of which Catherine James, President of Dixie Cullen Interests Inc was among. Dixie Cullen is located close to the ever growing Port of Houston.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Export Crating & Containerizing Serivces on the Rise!

Forming Roll to China

This forming roll is quite the world traveler, purchased from an American Company it went to Mexico for use, then was shipped to our warehouse facility for storage by the new American Owner of the machine. Just recently it was sold and shipped to China to an end user. The top roll was boxed, pictured above weighing approximately 100,000 pounds and the base also pictured above weight approximately 116.000 pounds. All of our break bulk boxes have lifting devices built into the box. In addition to the two pieces above there were several more break bulk pieces and 9 – 40 foot shipping containers.

Contact us for all you export containerizing and packing needs!

Global Success Story -- Thomas Regional Directory

Global Success Story - Dixie Cullen Interests, Inc.
Q & A with Catherine James, President of DCI

Can you give a brief history of how DCI came to be?
Having been brought up in the machinery moving and plant relocation business, I knew that there was a need for this type of service after seeing one company after another have delays after they purchased their machinery. Time constraints to get the machinery and equipment out of it's original location was exacerbated by delays such as waiting on building permits, waiting on import permits, or waiting on funding. Facilities not being ready to accept delivery was a huge problem, thus the seed was planted for our business.

We then started looking for the proper facility with overhead cranes - they were much harder to find then I originally thought . . . big, heavy-duty overhead cranes and high ceilings, all with an affordable monthly payment. We finally found one just as we received our first storage request to store printing presses. It was located at the corner of Dixie and Cullen, thus our name.

Why enter the exporting service arena?
The export service arena was a simple choice, since we were familiar with many of the major used machinery dealers. We were able to market and win storage contracts of this machinery until it was sold domestically or internationally.

What markets/regions do you service?
We have serviced customers in: China, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, India, Pakistan, Germany, Mexico, Canada and Venezuela.
How does DCI promote its services in foreign markets?

Until recently it was primarily US machinery dealers and US manufacturers who were selling the equipment to overseas markets that allowed us to become active in exports. Then there was the transition: our customers became our best sales people. Our customers receiving the machinery that we stored, crated, and containerized would forward us additional leads.
Currently all international customers are serviced through our Houston warehouse facility. Many of our customers will purchase their equipment at various locations throughout the US and drop ship it to our warehouse. We will then consolidate and store the items. When our customer informs us that all paperwork is in order we will crate/containerize as needed for safe shipment.

What is the most important step to winning new business from a foreign company?
All steps in international business are important, including the small details. But I believe that the most important part of winning new business is to build a personal relationship by explaining how and why we will be doing things a certain way. Offer references so your new customers know that you are familiar with the international markets.

How does DCI facilitate the Customs process and how does recent security codes/regulationss affect DCI?
One of the hardest things for us to do is to keep up with many of the new regulations that are going into effect, and many times we will find ourselves updating the freight forwarders of new regulations.

Most of our customers come to us with their custom brokers and freight forwarders already in place. We work with these companies to make sure that they receive all their information in a timely manner. Pictures of each container /crate are taken in various steps of completion and forwarded to both the end customer and their freight forwarders.

Being a member of the Organization of Women in International Trade and the International Transportation Management Associations has been very educational in keeping us updated on many of the new regulations, as well.

Research is showing that global sourcing has become a key step in the purchasing process. What are your thoughts on that statement?
We see this happening, as many of the customers that we shipped machines to several years ago are now shipping products to the US and using our warehouse facility as a distribution point. They are recommending our facility to others from their countries.

What advice do you have for company's exploring the idea of exporting their products?
Take the time to educate yourself about international business and become involved in international trade organizations that can be a resource for you and your business. Ask questions. Research available government programs; see if they can assist you. While working in the export market is much more complicated than dealing with the "company down the street," it can be a very rewarding experience.

© Thomas Publishing Company, 2004 http://www.tgrnet.com/newsletter/July04GlobalSuccess.asp

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Machinery Storage Services Available

Machinery Storage Services Available . . . short and long term

One of the exciting things about our industrial storage facility is the opportunity that we have to service customers from around the globe. One of the largest foundry’s in India purchased some used machinery at an Auction here in the United States. These machines were brought to our facility for temporary storage while awaiting import permits and document processing.

Dixie Cullen Interests Inc, specializes in the handling, storage and export preparation of machinery and heavy equipment. Be it one small machine or an entire plant facility
Over 200,000 square feet, serviced by heavy lift capacity overhead cranes allow us to handle any size project that our customers may have.

We believe in treating our customer’s machinery and equipment as if it were our own, which is why we have both machinery dealers and manufacturers using our facility, as if it was an extension of their own operations. A photographic record is maintained of all machinery inbound and outbound shipments.

We also have a large, secured, and stabilized yard facility should you desire outside storage or for staging large projects.

Contact us today for all you short or long term storage requirements. Please visit our website or contact us directly for more information about the variety of storage related services that we offer our clients. http://www.dixiecullen.com/ or email us at sales@dixiecullen.com